YW Women choosing change speaker series

February 21st - May 29th, 2024 | KPL Main Branch Theatre

Women choosing change
speaker series

Welcome to an inspiring journey of empowerment and dialogue!

Starting on Wednesday, February 21st, the YW Kitchener-Waterloo proudly launches a captivating Snack and Learn series, featuring talks by dynamic women who have made a significant impact in our region. This series is not just a gathering of insightful conversations but a celebration of gender equity, filled with empowering stories and thought-provoking discussions.


Join us as we delve into the narratives of extraordinary women, sharing their experiences, insights, and expertise, fostering a community committed to driving positive change.


Location: Kitchener Public Library – Main Branch Theatre
Time: 12:00 pm
Date: February 21st – May 29th, 2024
Tickets: $25 per session

Get your tickets!

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