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A new future starts today. Help us and support women choosing change. We need you to join us and advocate for women, gender diverse individuals, youth and their families in Kitchener Waterloo, offering them a path forward when help is most needed.

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Stephanie's Story

“So many women like me, we’re rarely given a chance. When you’re not working and not living in a safe place, everything snowballs.” Change just one piece of the picture, she says, and “it feels like there’s hope again. It’s all about opportunity. That’s what the YW is giving me and my kids.”

Tracy's Story

“I care deeply about empowering women in our community—to lift themselves out of poverty, to become leaders. As a working mom, I also care about inspiring younger generations. The YW does all of these things. I believe in the good work of the YW, in the support and services the YW provides.”

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YW programs provide a positive avenue for women, gender diverse individuals, and youth to challenge themselves and develop skills that will help them become self-reliant. Our programs nurture the growth of women and young people in the community, helping them build the confidence and self-esteem needed to be a changemaker.

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