YW Supporter Spotlight: Mike Farwell

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19, and the nonprofit sector has been hit particularly hard. As a result of the pandemic, demand for services has increased exponentially. The social distancing guidelines and shelter-in-place regulations have forced us to cancel or postpone events and drastically rethink our fundraising efforts. We rely on the generosity of our community, and we are fortunate to have the support of citizens like Mike Farwell.

For the past six years, 570 News Radio Host Mike Farwell has worked tirelessly raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis through his Farwell for Hire Campaign. So when we heard his decision to pivot his annual fundraising event to support the agencies that support vulnerable people in our region, we were ecstatic.

Mike dropped by our office on Friday and presented CEO Elizabeth Clarke with a $20,000 cheque.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mike!


Tell us about your organization

 Farwell4Hire began in May 2014 as an effort to fundraise differently. I’d been soliciting donations for many years and decided that it would be interesting to try offering a service in exchange for a donation. I started the campaign on social media and people jumped on-board immediately! Seven years later, we’ve raised about $650,000.

What led you to become a fundraiser?

 My fundraising is in memory of two of my sisters, Luanne and Sheri, who died from cystic fibrosis. Although we lost them almost three decades ago, Luanne and Sheri remain my inspiration to this day. I believe that a cure for cystic fibrosis is very close and I want to be a part of ensuring that families never again have to go through what my family went through in losing two children to CF.

Tell us about one accomplishment that you’re most proud of with your organization.

 I’m so proud that the community got behind my silly idea! I’ve been overwhelmed by all of the support I receive for my fundraising efforts and the generosity for the jobs that I do. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Where can people connect with your organization?

 We started on social media and that’s where we continue to make our home! You can always find stories and pictures on our Facebook page.



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