Gender Equity Resources for Waterloo Region

Author: Racheal Walser, Manager of Advocacy

We’ve been talking a lot about Gender-Equity, and while it is often easier to look to one source for information, the diversity of these experiences call for us to do better. 

Below are some resources to promote your self-learning as you become a gender-equity champion for Waterloo Region.

self-learn with your yw Kw!


Percolating Systemic Change: Disability Justice with Dr. Deborah Stienstra

“We’re percolating change,” Stienstra said. She is one of the 25% of Canadian women, who self-identify as living with a disability and has been left to self-advocate for change, in hopes of individual accommodation. And while the self-advocacy of women living with disabilities has resulted in transformations in some communities, the Canadian Feminist Disability Coalition is bringing these communities together, and in thirty months, helping to realize a world where these talented, valued, and diverse women can look around and see themselves included.


Bystander Intervention Training through Righttobe.org

Righttobe.org is a global team of educators, motivators and facilitators that host hundreds of free, online trainings where they teach people how to respond to, intervene in and heal from harassment. They’re on a mission to prepare new leaders, community members and change-makers to create spaces that are filled with humanity.

3. READ 

Feminist City by Leslie Kern

“Cities aren’t built to accommodate female bodies, female needs, female desires. In this rich, engaging book the feminist geographer Leslie Kern envisions how we might transform the ‘city of men’ into a city for everyone. Let’s all move there immediately.” 

– Lauren Elkin, Author of Flaneuse


Inclusivity isn’t always a social media post, but it can be! Take ten minutes to find a resource, or image that speaks the values of intersectionality and gender-equity to you, and share it with your friends.


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