Purse Project

Gayla – organizer and philanthropist extraordinaire represents Slate Church in Waterloo. Together with her Sisterhood & City Impact Ministry, they collected over 400 purses in support of women in need.

“We started this initiative as volunteers, and now we are the new organizers! We felt so much joy stuffing purses filled with new or gently used items and personal care products that we wanted to keep it going.” – Gayla

 The YW Kitchener Waterloo received 25 of those purses to support our programs and women needing them most.

“Each purse includes a hand-crafted and hand-written card with words of encouragement from our ministry and volunteers.”

We are grateful to be the recipients of this wonderful fundraiser and thank Gayla and all of her Christmas elves for their time, energy, donations and support.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

If you’d like to support the YW through your church or ministry, click here.


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