Hearts Were Warm

The annual Hockey Helps the Homeless (HHTH) event returned to KW to raise money for local charities and housing programs.
“The ice was certainly cold, but hearts were warm and giving at this year`s 2019 tournament.”
A one-day fantasy hockey tournament held in Waterloo Region had a successful event to raise awareness for the Region’s homeless.

Hockey Helps the Homeless, an organization using inaugural hockey tournaments to collect donations for local homeless agencies, announced the KW tournament has raised over one million dollars to date, thanks to the support of over 300 participants, volunteers and donors.

The event, which took place on October 25th, marks the sixth year HHTH has run the tournament in Kitchener-Waterloo.

“From the start, Kitchener-Waterloo has really rallied behind our cause and they continue to exceed our expectations,” said Ryan Baillie, the Executive Director of Hockey Helps the Homeless.

“Year-after-year we are blown away by the generosity of our players, donors and volunteers in KW. We are incredibly proud of them for reaching the $1 million net to charity today.”

During the event, HHTH also announced they will give $260,000 dollars to support programs at Lutherwood, House of Friendship, oneROOF Youth Services and the YW Kitchener-Waterloo.

Source: Kitchener Today


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