Libro Credit Union Investment Secures Promising Futures

We couldn`t be more thrilled and excited with the news that Libro Credit Union has donated a generous investment into our YW In Her Shoes Employment & Entrepreneurship Program!

Libro has donated $20,000 to YW`s In Her Shoes Program!

This donation will support 30 newcomer women giving them employment training and a unique opportunity to make money while training.

Their contribution to our program will also support 30 more women in our entrepreneurship program and will help them develop exceptional skills while developing their own business`s.

Ensuring that these women have the materials and tools they need to succeed such as sewing machines, marketing training, continued education, and workshops will pave the way for confidence,experience, connection and community.

We are proud to stand alongside Libro to create opportunities for women and invest in their promising futures.

To learn more about our program: In Her Shoes, you can click here.


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