New investments in affordable housing provide relief to people experiencing homelessness in Waterloo Region

The government of Canada is taking action to increase the supply of affordable housing in Waterloo Region.

We are pleased to announce that funding from the Government of Canada will support the development of eight new units for single women and their children experiencing homelessness, which our organization will operate. This is in addition to the government of Canada’s previous investment of $8.2 million through the first phase of the Rapid Housing Initiative. Thanks to this initial investment, our 41-unit affordable and supportive housing development for single women experiencing chronic homelessness is currently under construction and nearly ready to become a permanent home to women on the region’s housing waitlist.

“We have seen how COVID-19 has worsened existing housing and homelessness challenges and without urgent action by the Government of Canada, the pandemic could lead to a dramatic increase in homelessness. Creating housing rapidly to address this housing crisis is a priority for our government. This new funding is part of our commitment to addressing severe housing needs across the country. It will provide immediate support to create safe and stable housing to thousands of vulnerable families and individuals.” (Bardish Chagger, Canada Supports Rapid Housing Projects in Waterloo Region).

Last week, the Government of Canada announced that they will be contributing more than $6.6 million to support the construction of 26 homes for families and individuals in Waterloo Region under the Rapid Housing Initiative. These 26 new homes are part of a larger project funded by the Province of Ontario and will support Canadians who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness or living in temporary shelters because of the pandemic.

We would like to thank MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Bardish Chagger, MP Bryan May, MP Tim Louis, Karen Redman (Regional Chair of Waterloo Region), and Mayor Berry Vrbanovic for making accessible and affordable housing a priority. 

Read the full announcement here: Canada Supports Rapid Housing Projects in Waterloo Region

To support the YW Kitchener-Waterloo in our efforts to support members of our community experiencing homelessness by providing shelter and employment training consider making a donation to us today.


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