Three Cheers for Charcuterie!

We plated, sampled and enjoyed our fundraising event along with many other “Charcuterie-Connoisseurs“ at The Kitchener Market. Lead by the wonderful Executive Chef; Terry Salmond- we learned the fine (and tasty) art of plating a charcuterie board – just in time for the holidays!

Chef Terry teaches that your boards don`t have to be perfection – just create and design using wonderful and quality cuts of meat, cheeses, sausages and accompaniments. The art is creating something visually appealing that surprises and wow`s your guests.

One special guest told us:

“This was the BEST fundraising event I’ve ever been to!”

And one excited table commented that:

“The idea along with proceeds going to the YW Kitchener-Waterloo makes this a fantastic event, and we hope it happens again!”

Each attendee also received a complimentary hand-crafted charcuterie board to take home – generously created and donated by Herb & Janet Kunsch.

All proceeds to go directly back to YW Program`s to support women and families. We`d like to thank everyone who joined us in making this event a huge success including our sponsors:

-Finest Sausage & Meat

-The Charocoal Group

-Executive Chef Terry Salmond

-The Kitchener Market

-HHD Imports

-Bast Cheeses

-Herb & Janet Kunsch

Snapshots from the event:


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